Winter Turf Tips

Longing to get out there and work on your lawn? There is not that much too do now but you can make plans. Have you ever considered reducing your turf footprint for the sake of the planet (more native plants, less mowing with a gas-powered engine, etc.)? Here are some ideas to consider:

a. Turn some, or all, of your yard into a meadow. You’ll save on gas and won’t have to mow as much. For tips about how to start creating a on de-turfing your lawn, go to (Note, it can be a challenging proposition.)

b. Plant trees! See the blog here for details.

c. Put the purr back in your mower so it’s ready to mow however many blades are left.

For more information about turf care in winter and year round, visit the University of Maryland Extension Home & Garden site: or the Virginia Cooperative Extension at

Fun with Native Plants