Trees & Water Go Together Like…

A half-day workshop will be held Saturday, April 8, by Maryland’s Carroll County Forestry Board. The event will focus on the importance of reforesting land adjacent to bodies of water.

After the workshop, free seedlings will be handed out. Subsidized tree shelters and stakes will be sold. If you would you like to attend, print out the attached application and mail it to the address on the brochure. If you are purchasing tree shelters and stakes, make your check payable to CCFB and include it with your application.

There is a $5 registration fee. Details and registration are available  at this link. Please disregard the application due date.

2 thoughts on “Trees & Water Go Together Like…”

  1. But, some water loving trees have developed the ability to grow roots without needing air. This allows them to live in marshy areas where other trees would die. As a home owner, you can take advantage of this trait to beautify your own wet and poorly drained areas.

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